Coffee Talks For Walkers and Sponsors

In order to showcase our vendors and sponsors from our Resource Fair we will be hosting weekly Coffee Talks with our sponsors as presenters and our walkers as participants.  Our walkers/families will have access to all the events to learn what the vendors have to offer and ask questions and meet other walkers.  

Coffee Talks will occur during the day the weeks of March 1-12 and be recorder for those who cannot attend to watch later.  

Topics for Coffee Talks:

After-School Activities (i.e. Marshal Arts, Crafts, Swimming, Dance)

Therapy (i.e. Art Therapy, Equine Therapy, Behavioral)

Legal Advocacy and IEPs (i.e. IEP workshops and how to choose an NPS program, legal needs)

Finance and Trusts (i.e. setting up Special Needs Trusts, Medical, SSI)

More info available as events and sponsors are approved.